A Broken Family

Confident. Competitive. Strong. These can best describe the young smart learner. A young lady who never failed her family with the achievements that she has. She is always bringing the true essence of being a student, the one with a high dream, flying high to the goals that she wants to her own rainbow.

At present, there are numerous children who are experiencing a nightmare in life, in which they don’t wish to be back to the reality. This is having a broken family. Although there are those individuals who are just fine with the situation they are in still, there are different impacts that they can experience due to getting involved with that kind of family. Worst, there are those who take this as a total nightmare. One of them is Claire. 

The brave, smart, and experienced young lady is dealing this nightmare in life. Claire has to stand in one foot feeling like no matter what happens, she will stand still. She is candidate for completion in Junior High School this school year. She is a daughter of a separated couple. She has 2 siblings. A small family she has but she needs to help her mother raise her siblings because she is the eldest one. Even if her mother doesn’t give the total support for her allowance, she always keeps in mind that she has to finish her studies to succeed someday.

Claire is working for her everyday needs to help her mother for all the expenses they have in their household. She is a good ate to her siblings for she has to prioritize them before herself. Whenever she has foods, she gives more to her siblings. She is a manifestation of love for siblings indeed.

“Pangit sa pakiramdam na  walang amang sumusuporta at gumagabaylang sa’yo hanggang sa paglaki mo. Naiinggit ako sa mga batang may ama dahil naranasan  nila kung paano  sila gabayan at suportahan. Masakit sa loob na may makita kang isang buong pamilya na masaya,” Claire stated.

Based on the school-based survey, 19.8 % of the respondents belong to the broken family while 61.2 % live together with their family. Forty nine percent of the respondents are living with their father while 29.7% are not. Sixty three percent of the respondents are living with their mother while 18% are not. Moreover, 69.3% are not supported by their father particularly in their studies while 12.6% have the support. 

Despite of the hindrances that she had experienced in her life, Claire did not give up. Instead, she just goes with the flow while receiving all the stones that are being thrown to her. No matter what problems she encounters in life, she remains strong and continues to develop her skills and knowledge in order to strengthen her weapons for the next journey of her life.